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Water Damage Restoration In Costa Mesa

After strong storms or other weather challenges, homes in Costa Mesa with water damage can be put in significant jeopardy. If your home has recently sustained water damage, you may be tempted to address the water damage yourself, but there can be some significant complications. These complications can include simply not getting the project done before the damage gets too bad, getting dangerously ill from contact with the water, and even structural damage to your home. 

Homes in Costa Mesa with water damage will often need help from licensed, professional, water damage restoration contractors. Not only will they be able to get your home dried out quickly, but they can also address other problems that may result from water damage, such as mold, toxicity, and the possible loss of important personal items and family heirlooms.

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Fire, Storm, Mold, and Water Damage in Costa Mesa

Water damage in Costa Mesa can take many different forms and can have several different levels of severity. The cleaning methods and techniques used for water damage restoration in Cosa Mesa homes will change based on the type of water damage that has occurred. There are three categories of water damage and the potential losses they can create.

Category 1

The first category of water damage is referred to as Category 1 and is damage that occurs from excess clean or potable water. This type of water damage happens when the water comes from a relatively sanitary source, such as a faucet, toilet tank, or burst water supply line. The dangers of Category 1 water damage generally won’t include hazardous components like viruses, however, while this starts with a sanitary source, the problem can quickly escalate.

Category 2

The next most serious type of water damage is Category 2, which is considered to be significantly contaminated water damage. Water damage in this category is generally considered to be from greywater sources, which can contain heavy microbial loads, along with various types of matter that can cause illness or discomfort with skin contact or ingestion. Sources of greywater can include washers, fish tanks, water beds, and even liquids (but not solids) from a flushed toilet.

Category 3

The most severe and dangerous type of water damage, and when Category 3 water damage happens it can come with significant chemical and biological dangers. Category 3 water damage is considered grossly unsanitary and can include sewage, feces, bacteria, and even dangerous viruses. It is vitally important not to attempt cleaning up any Category 3 water damage without professional help. Vision Restoration Contractors can help mitigate the damage from even the most devastating Category 3 floods, and can ensure that your home sees no lasting effects from the incident.


What We Offer

Services Offered By Our Restoration Contractors

We provide many additional services beyond water damage cleanup and are able to help you rebuild after a flood, fire, and other devastating events. Our contractors can help repair the water damage, as well as take additional steps to help minimize damage in the future. Services that Vision Restoration Contractors can provide include:

  • Water extraction
  • Dehumidifying
  • Structural drying
  • Repiping
  • Emergency plumbing
  • Sanitization
  • Mold testing & removal
  • Fire board-up
  • Soot & debris removal
  • Smoke remediation
  • Debris cleanup & removal
  • Wood replacement
  • Deck repair & rebuilding
  • Concrete & other masonry
  • General demolition
  • Remodeling

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Why Choose Our Costa Mesa Water Damage Restoration?

There are so many reasons that you should consider when hiring a restoration contractor for water damage restoration in Costa Mesa. Everything from saving your valuable time to preventing contact with dangerous toxins like viruses, bacteria, and more. While this list is far from exhaustive, it does have the most common and often most valuable reasons that you should work with Vision Restoration Contractors. 

Insurance Coverage Can Be Complicated

If your restoration can be covered by your homeowner’s insurance, it is often much easier for our team to work with them, than for the average homeowner to try and get compensated for their DIY job. Your insurance company may also have stipulations such as being a licensed contractor, which can preclude you from a payout if you don’t qualify. We will work with your insurer to make sure you get everything covered that can be.

We Have Equipment You Probably Don’t

We will show up ready to work, with a variety of specialized equipment at our disposal. There is more to repairing water damage than setting up a few fans and “letting it air out”, and we’re prepared. Save yourself the expense and the hassle of getting the equipment you need, we’ve got it standing by and ready.

You Can Put Yourself At Risk

If you have water damage, there is a high probability that the water damage will include many contaminants. We will be ready to address that contamination with protective gear and special equipment. There is no need to put yourself in harm’s way when you work with a trusted local restoration contractor like Vision.

We Will Come With A Team

Generally speaking, water damage takes some considerable effort and manpower to clean up. We will show up at your home or business, with a team of restoration professionals, ready to work. We will make sure that your water damage is cleaned up as quickly as possible, to minimize the chances of any serious, lingering effects.

We Can Make Sure Nothing Is Missed

Many people who attempt to clean up water damage themselves get to a point where they think that things have dried enough, but water penetrates deeply and can cause extensive hidden damage. Our team will make sure that your home has been structurally dried so that you don’t have to worry about rot, mold, or other complications down the road.

Our Work Process
Vision Restoration Contractors Are Here For You

If you need water damage restoration in Costa Mesa, contact Vision Restoration Contractors today. You can speak with a member of our expert local team, and get answers to any questions you may still have, or you can take steps to get a team out to your home quickly to assess and begin mitigating the water damage.



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We’re proud to say that a majority of our work comes from customer referrals, and we maintain an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our clients have come to know us for our superior quality workmanship, honest business practices, and competitive pricing. We comply with all local, state, and federal requirements, and are approved by most major insurance companies.

Vision Restoration exceeded our expectations after we had a devastating flood! They were quick to respond, and were able to immediately start work on restoring our damaged home! The quality of work and workers was great! We always were comfortable with the workers being in our home, even if we weren’t there! Can’t say enough positive things about Ronnie A and his crew (Gabe and Charlie)! They did quality work all the way around! We are very satisfied with the results, and also with their work ethic!

-F. Barnes

During our remodel of our kitchen/dining/living room and 2 bathrooms, VRC has been completely reliable. They say what they are going to do, when they are going to do it, and how much it will cost. Then, most importantly, they follow through on those commitments. It has been so nice working with them. Their crew are all very professional and take care to clean up after themselves each day. I highly recommend Vision Restoration Contractors.

-Michelle M.

Vision Restoration corrected and repaired approximately 15 feet on the front of our home due to water damage seeping in to our sunken living room. They were always on time, extremely professional, and did an excellent job restoring the water damage to the front interior and exterior of our home. I give them 5 stars because I couldn’t imagine any other restoration business doing a better job. We are so happy with the results and would recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.

-George Tiffany

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