Even with the most regimented preparations, some disasters can strike and leave a home essentially unlivable until completely gutted and renovated. If you’ve recently been affected by a flood, fire, or other disaster conditions that have forced you to gut and renovate your home, you may be wondering exactly how much does it cost to reconstruct a house? 

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer, and the accuracy of any estimate is going to depend on countless variables. The best way to get an estimate on the cost to reconstruct your house is to contact a local expert renovation contractor to come out and provide a full assessment. We’re going to dig into what the average cost is to rebuild a house that has suffered catastrophic damage, as well as what factors may affect that. 

How Much Does It Cost To Reconstruct A House?

If you are wondering about the cost to reconstruct your house, there are some pretty significant considerations you’ll need to take into account. The first, and one of the most potentially costly, is the presence of any structural or underlying issues with the house. Then you’ll need to consider the square footage of the area you’ll need to be renovated, and naturally large square-footage homes will cost more than smaller homes. Finally, there is the consideration of the types of materials that are going to be used in the reconstruction. 

In general, the average cost to reconstruct a house will range from $100,000 to $200,000, including the gut and remodel. The average cost per square foot can range from $50 to nearly $200. This will frequently include everything needed for the reconstruction, from the plumbing and electrical service to any required structural work, a new roof, and all climate-control systems and equipment.

Factors That Will Affect The Cost To Reconstruct A House

Three primary factors will affect the final cost to reconstruct a house. These factors are the presence of any structural issues or damage, the total square footage, and the level of the materials used in the reconstruction.

Structural & Underlying Issues

A major contributor to the cost of reconstructing a home is whether or not there were any significant structural issues caused by the damage or that perhaps existed prior. Things like cracked foundations can become much more serious when water damage is introduced because while we won’t get any serious freeze-thaw cycles, we will experience erosion and washouts. These can cause the reconstruction estimate to climb considerably.

Square Footage

Another factor that will have a significant effect on the cost to reconstruct a house is the overall square footage of the home. Smaller houses will require fewer materials and less time to renovate than larger homes. Larger homes may be able to benefit from better prices for materials on a per-unit basis, however, since they will require far more materials to get the job done. This can add a degree of the economy to larger projects.

Quality Of The Materials Used

Finally, the overall quality of the materials that are used in the reconstruction will affect the price. Choosing more economical materials will result in a lower overall cost while choosing top-end or high-performance materials will undoubtedly cause the general cost to rise.

For More Information On Reconstructing Your Home Following Disaster

If your home has recently suffered damage from a flood, fire, or anything else, you can depend on Vision Restoration Contractors to get your home back to livable condition. Reach out today if you have any questions, or simply need more information about scheduling an estimate for your restoration.

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