Fire damage is hard to get rid of. It can leave behind a lasting mark on the property, and can even cause health issues for people living in the house. If you have a fire or have smoke damage, the sooner you call in professionals, the better. Fire damage can happen at any hour of the day or night. 

How a Fire Damaged House or Building Can Cause Mold

The mold that is found in a house or building after a fire is caused by the water that seeps through the walls and floors from the waterlogged building. A fire can cause structural damage to a home or building, which leads to waterlogging. 

When there isn’t enough air circulation, moisture condenses on surfaces and may lead to mold. This mold can compromise the health of anyone residing in a fire-damaged building or house. 

When people think about a fire, they usually think of the heat that destroys everything. But fire isn’t the only source of mold; there are other factors that make it grow in a house or building such as moisture, leaks, and poor ventilation.

What is the Difference Between Cleaning Mold & Removing Mold?

The difference between cleaning mold and removing mold is that while cleaning mold, you are just removing the visible traces of the mold. When you are just trying to remove the visible traces of the mold, you will be able to clean up your home with a simple cleaner. 

However, when it comes to removing the actual source of the problem, it will require more effort and time. More often than not, you will need to hire a restoration company that specializes in cleaning, removing, or preventing mold after fire damage

What Are the Best Methods for Removing Molds from a Home?

Mold can be a health hazard and is a common problem in many homes. It can also cause severe damage to the property.

There are several methods for removing mold from a home:

  1. Dry cleaning: This method is used when the mold is on an item that can’t be washed or you don’t have time to wash it. 
  2. Vacuum cleaner: This method is used when you want to remove the mold on hard surfaces like floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture.
  3. Steam cleaner: This method is used when you want to remove the mold from carpets, furniture, and upholstery. 
  4. Wet mopping: This method is used when you want to clean a carpet or upholstery.
  5. Dry scraping: This method is used when you want to remove the mold on surfaces that can’t be wetted, like drywall and plaster.
  6. Bleach: This method is used when you have time to wash and are using a natural cleaner.

Vision Restoration Contractors Can Help Clean Mold after a Fire

After a fire, the damage caused by the fire can be extensive. Mold can grow on the walls and ceiling of a building after it has been damaged. In order to prevent mold from spreading, you need to clean it up as soon as possible. Cleaning up after a fire is important for your family’s safety and well-being, but it can also be a tedious task.  If a fire damages your property, you need Vision Restoration. 

Vision Restoration Contractors can help clean up the mold and restore your property back to its original state. They have experience in dealing with mold that is common after fires due to their expertise in restoring properties damaged by smoke or water damage.

It’s essential that you hire a professional for this job so that you can ensure that your property is restored back to its original state with no further problems. Contact us today for a free consultation! Let the best restoration contractors in Orange County get your home and building fixed up. We provide 24/7 restoration services for all clients. 

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